Red Diamond Realty

A Premiere Boutique Real Estate Company

As a client of a Boutique Real Estate Company, you can expect above average representation in any transaction from a small lot to a sprawling estate and everything in between.  Rest assured in knowing that not only your Broker, but the entire office is working diligently to ensure a smooth and skilled transaction.

Owner Cyndi De Palermo, who has 39 years of Real estate experience, works to cultivate a small and professional environment.  This means that only the best and most driven receive a spot on the Red Diamond Realty team.  At Red Diamond Realty  you can expect each agent to  be proficient and dedicated to each client.

Red Diamond Realty cares about the rights of buyers and sellers more than building a business empire.  Our primary cause is not to build a business empire, but to be sure that our community thrives through home ownership.  Your community is our community.  We are committed to an economically sound, beautiful and welcoming community, because our business only does well if the community does well. 

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